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WTTA Clubs/Flights

Austin Country Club

Championship N-Net Results
Championship N-Smart Aces
Flight 2N- Aces
Flight 2N-Ace Kickers
Flight 2N-Game Changers
Flight 4N-Double The Fun
Flight 4N-The Skirts
Flight 5N-Called to Serve
Flight 6N-ServeAces
Flight 6N-VolleyGirls
Flight 7N-Mama Aces
Flight 7N-Wise Aces

Austin Tennis Academy

Championship S-I.M.
Flight 3S-One More
Flight 5S-Smokin' Aces
Flight 6S-Networking
Flight 6S-Over Served

Austin Tennis Center

Super Champ-Racquet Scientists ATC
Flight 5N-Alley Cats ATC
Flight 6N-Overserved ATC

Avery Ranch

Flight 7N-Fireballs


Seniors A-Aussies SATC
Seniors A-Racketears SATC
Seniors A-Silver Foxes SATC
Seniors A-Slammers SATC
Super Champ-As the Ball Bounces SATC
Super Champ-Phar Out Women Pharr
Championship N-Serves You Right Caswell
Championship S-Team Mojo SATC
Flight 1S-Racq Attack Caswell
Flight 2S-Chill Caswell
Flight 2S-Double Fun Caswell
Flight 2S-Land Sharks SATC
Flight 3S-Dare Doubles SATC
Flight 3S-Whacked SATC
Flight 4S-Swingers SATC
Flight 6S-Rackets Up SATC
Flight 7S-Rebels WOA Lob SATC


Flight 3N-Faults
Flight 5N-Double the Damage
Flight 5N-Double Trouble

Barton Creek

Super Champ-Team Eclectic
Flight 2S-LYLAS
Flight 3S-Survivors
Flight 4S-Ruffled Feathers
Flight 4S-SimplySmashing
Flight 5S-Ball Smashers

Berry Creek

Super Champ-Razzle Berries
Flight 1N-Berry Twisted
Flight 1N-Berry, Berry Good
Flight 3N-RacqAttack
Flight 3N-Sweet Berries
Flight 7N-Blazin Berries

Cimarron Hills

Flight 1N-Ochos Locos
Flight 1N-Simmer-On Fire
Flight 3N-High Fives
Flight 4N-Kiss My Ace
Flight 7N-Come Back Girls
Flight 7N-We Drop Shots


Seniors A-Court Classics
Seniors A-LOL
Championship N-Game On
Championship N-Game Set Wine
Flight 1N-Match Makers
Flight 1N-Pro-Deucers
Flight 2N-Chip and Charge
Flight 2N-On The Rise
Flight 3N-4TLUV
Flight 3N-Rapid Returns
Flight 3N-Still Kickin'
Flight 4N-Alley Gators
Flight 5N-Mighty Grommet
Flight 6N-Swinging Courtettes

Georgetown Country Club

Flight 3N-Whackateers
Flight 4N-Racketeers

Georgetown Tennis Center

Championship N-Movin' On Georgetown
Flight 1N-Hard Aces Georgetown
Flight 2N-Net Gain Georgetown
Flight 2N-TwistedSisters Georgetown
Flight 3N-NoLoveJustSets Sun City
Flight 4N-Volley Vamps Georgetown
Flight 5N-GameChangers Georgetown
Flight 5N-Matchmakers Georgetown
Flight 7N-Fuzzbusters II Georgetown

Great Hills

Flight 1N-On Edge
Flight 4N-Net Assets
Flight 6N-Set2Win

Grey Rock Tennis Club

Championship S-Breeze
Flight 3S-Net Threat
Flight 3S-Sure Shot
Flight 4S-Chili Peppers
Flight 6S-Rackettes
Flight 7S-Ad-in Crowd
Flight 7S-Jalapenos

Lakecliff Racket Club

Flight 6S-Lobsters LKCF


Seniors A-2 Sets, Lunch
Seniors A-Sassy Lassies
Seniors A-Steel Magnolias
Championship S-It's A Ball
Championship S-Racquet Scientists
Championship S-The Ball Busters
Championship S-Wise Aces
Flight 1S-Chaos
Flight 1S-Double Shots
Flight 1S-Perfect Match
Flight 2S-Mighty Swings
Flight 2S-No Doubt
Flight 2S-Whaqued
Flight 3S-Hot Mess Express
Flight 3S-Power Play
Flight 3S-Serves You Right
Flight 4S-Casual Sets
Flight 4S-Get Smashed
Flight 4S-Racq Pacq
Flight 5S-Deuces Wild
Flight 5S-Lucky in Love
Flight 5S-Racquettes
Flight 6S-Alley Gators
Flight 6S-Love Hurts
Flight 6S-Party at the Net
Flight 6S-Play It Forward
Flight 7S-Hit Show
Flight 7S-Mid-courtcrisis
Flight 7S-Not Our Fault
Flight 7S-What A Racquet

Lost Creek

Seniors A-Dbl Standards
Seniors A-Senioritas
Super Champ-OutToLunchers
Championship S-Double Down
Flight 1S-Downright Smashing
Flight 1S-Lost Creek Chicks
Flight 1S-One Love
Flight 2S-Love 'Em
Flight 3S-Half Fast
Flight 4S-Alley Kats
Flight 4S-FLAMES
Flight 4S-Net Gains
Flight 5S-Kiss My Ace
Flight 7S-Slice Girls

Polo Tennis & Fitness Club

Flight 1S-Ball Busters
Flight 4S-Smokin Aces
Flight 5S-Net Setters
Flight 6S-Polo Dare Doubles
Flight 7S-Racketeers

River Place

Flight 1N-Our Ad
Flight 1S-Tough Love
Flight 2S-CervAces
Flight 3N-Ace Queens
Flight 4N-Tennis Foxes
Flight 5N-Aces Wild
Flight 5N-Set 2 Win
Flight 5S-Heat

Steiner Ranch

Super Champ-The Party's at the Net
Championship N-Penn Pals
Flight 2S-Love Stinks
Flight 2S-Serves You Right
Flight 4N-Southern Slice
Flight 5S-Double the Fun
Flight 6N-The Racquettes

Sun City


Flight 5S-SWATSQUAD Travis Country

University of Texas Tennis Club

Super Champ-UT Supers
Championship S-Hook'd on Sets
Flight 1S-UT Aces
Flight 3S-Fireball
Flight 4N-Sets Appeal
Flight 5S-Simply Served
Flight 6N-Sip-N-Serve
Flight 7S-Get A Grip

Westover Hills

Flight 2N-Strung Out


Super Champ-No Time for Love
Super Champ-WOW!
Flight 2N-Net Set
Flight 2N-No Faults
Flight 4N-Double Time
Flight 4N-Rackets&Ritas
Flight 5N-Baby Got Backswing
Flight 6N-Hit & Run
Flight 7N-Chatty Racquets
Flight 7N-L.O.L.


Super Champ-Patriots Old Settlers
Championship N-Quick Chicks Old Settlers
Championship N-Rally Gals Wilco
Championship N-TNT Old Settlers
Flight 1N-All that Jazz Wilco
Flight 2N-Fun 4 All Wilco
Flight 3N-Baseline Babes Wilco
Flight 3N-Cool Cats Old Settlers
Flight 5N-"Easy Breezy" Wilco
Flight 6N-OSP "4-Love" Old Settlers
Flight 6N-Serve Us Another Wilco
Flight 7N-Midcourt Chaos Wilco

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