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Foot Fault


After giving an opponent a warning for foot faulting, she continues to foot fault. What is the consequence for her if she continues? What can a team do if there is no one to monitor this clear rule violation?


This is always tricky just like any rule violation. First, of course, there is a warning. Then, technically, when a foot fault occurs it is just like any other fault. That serve is not good. But unlike a line call, this call is generally tougher to make. If the opponent makes the call and the server refuses to take the fault, then as with other line call issues you can follow the procedure to ask a player from each team to come to the court to assist with calls. At that point the players would be placed near the baseline to observe the server and help with foot fault calls. If no players are available, and the server will not accept the fault, then players can let the server know that they are continuing "under protest" and that if the foot faults continue they will protest the results of the match when it is done. As soon as players become available they should be brought in to assist with that call. And then the matter can be submitted to the WTTA Board for review after the fact to see if the match results should stand or be overturned. Without any officiating this is the best we can do.

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