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Comments on Board Minutes


These are comments to the minutes from April 3 Board meeting regarding the double default:
1. allowing Super Champs to default 2 lines without penalty is disrespectful to the other teams in that flight - especially when the particular match that had the double default was an 11:30 match (which no one on any flight likes to play) and more than half of the super champ teams have 8 players on the roster even though only 6 get to play each week
Further, if teams can't get enough subs on their list to cover roster players that can't commit, then they shouldn't have a team at all- isn't that why their roster size was increased so they could insure they have enough players each week??
2. Calling that flight "elite" is an insult to lower flights - as there are some of the same level players in the lower flights as there are in the super champ flight.
3. moving super champs to another day is a good idea
that is all - thanks for reading


1. There was discussion as to whether the double default rule should be different. And other teams in their flight were the ones who questioned whether this penalty and rule were appropriate. In an already small flights with fewer matches, they did not like losing one of their scheduled matches. One issue with Super Champs is that they want to get subs who can compete at that level. The next level of team that does not play on Thursday is Flight 2, which would have a difficult time at that level. In this case, numerous subs were contacted but as it was a last minute situation, the team was unable to find anyone. They were penalized, per our Rules, and all of their matches have been voided for this season. The Board discussion is simply to try to determine whether this is the best way to handle this situation in this flight, and in general. No decision has yet been made. If you have additional input on this please share it with your club rep so she can relay it to us as we continue this discussion. 2. That flight was referred to as "elite" not to insult lower flights but to denote that this is our highest flight, the only flight where we allow professional players, and is a "stand alone" flight in that teams do not move automatically between other flights and Super Champ. It was in no way meant to denigrate players and teams in other levels. 3. We may look at moving Super Champs to another day, however in the past when we have polled the teams on this they have not wanted to move. As I'm sure you know, many people's schedules are worked around their current day of play and changing that has ramifications for teams and their players. We will certainly consider it and speak with the teams about it, but it may be difficult to accomplish.

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