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Third Set Tiebreak Decision


I have heard several different explanations as to why the 3rd full set was changed to a 10-point tiebreaker. Can you explain the real reason/reasons for the change? Thank you.


First, sorry for the delay in my reply. Was on vacation. There were actually several issues that kept coming up repeatedly that the Board was trying to address. We discussed several options to deal with these issues but the overwhelming Board decision was that the implementation of a tiebreak for the third set was the best overall solution. The main issues being addressed were (1) With the increasing number of 11:30 matches combined with long drive times, many players were having issues with matches ending in time for school pick up. It is not unusual to have a 45 minute drive from the match site. This combined with an 11:30 start time and a long three set match was definitely stretching our definition as a "morning" league. (2) Again with the addition of more and more 11:30 matches, early matches were often having to reschedule the completion as they were not done by the 11:30 cutoff. This adds additional strain on already crowded courts and is a hassle for trying to reschedule with players who can no longer use a sub (3) Teams were having difficulty getting subs, particularly for late matches with some travel involved, because of the long time commitment. (4) Clubs themselves were asking for some relief as they try to balance USTA, WTTA, league and social play on a limited number of courts. The Board did discuss several options but in the end felt that a change was definitely necessary and this change would be consistent with USTA play which many of our players are already familiar with. I know it will be an adjustment, and I also know that some players and teams don't like the change, but it was deemed necessary for the reasons outlined above.

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