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Third Set Tiebreak Decision


Is it possible that the board would reconsider its decision to do away with a full third set in lieu of a tie breaker? It is such an important decision for the league and each team should have input. It felt like the decision was relayed without any discussion from the league members. In the past captains have provided their teams' votes about important issues.


Although it is possible that the Board could look at this again in the future, for the coming year we will be implementing the third set tiebreak per the Board's vote. As you say, many decisions are made by the Board following either a vote of captains or at least a polling of the teams. However there are also decisions that the Board must make for the good of the league as a whole that they have implemented without a vote. One that immediately comes to mind, which was not necessarily popular at the time, was instituting the additional 11:30 start times for matches. Although many (most??) players don't prefer the 11:30 start time, the Board rightly felt that it was necessary in order to accommodate all of the players who wished to participate within the court constraints of our clubs. Although I know many continue to dislike the late start times the fact is many of our players and teams would not be able to participate in our league without that change. Similarly, we know that many players (including many of the players on the Board) personally prefer to play out a third set. However, the realities of court scheduling, length of matches and the 9:30 start times needing to finish by 11:30, and the 11:30 start times needing to finish in time for parents with school age children to meet those responsibilities dictated that some sort of change had to be made. After years of pleading with teams to start on time and play at the allowed pace it was obvious that matches still routinely went past the two hour mark. For those and other reasons the Board felt this was a necessary change at this time. If you would like to have the Board reconsider this decision, after this next year, then you are more than welcome to work through your club rep and propose alternate strategies that will help solve the issues that arise when matches take such a long time to complete. Any suggestions in this regard should be submitted through your club rep by February and they will be considered by the Board for possible implementation for Fall 2018. But again, the suggestion would need to include an alternate strategy for solving the issue of match times and court scheduling.

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