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Has the board ever considered staggering lines for matches to allow for a full third set? For instance, in Atlanta, playing in the ALTA league, we had 5 lines that played each match. Lines 1 and 2 would start at 9, lines 3 and 4 would arrive at 10 and would begin play when a court was open and line 5 would arrive at 11 and play when the court was open. Yes it made for a long day, but more teams could play on a given day and no teams were forced to start at a late time or stop a match to move to another court because their time was up. Atlanta is a MUCH larger city and if ladies there can handle staggering I don't know why Austin couldn't. On a side note, it was also fun to have each line (home team) bring food so those teams finishing could eat lunch while the other lines were playing and we could all support and watch the matches. With WTTA all playing at the same time, there is no team support during the matches.


We have considered several options in the past, but I'm not aware that this particular option has been considered. We do have a procedure for players and/or captains to make suggestions for consideration by the Board. Players are asked to write up their suggestion, along with information on how it would benefit the league as a whole, and submit the suggestion through their club rep by February of each year. The Board than considers any suggestions received during the Spring season for possible implementation the following Fall if there is support. In order for a suggestion to get the most consideration it should not only point out the benefit to the league as a whole, but have support from numerous teams/captains for implementation. We like to know that the change is not just supported by one or two teams, but by a large number of teams in our league. So I would encourage you, if you would like us to consider this scheduling change, to talk to other teams in your flight and/or club to see if they would support the change. If so, add their names to any suggestion you might like to propose. I don't think this would solve any court problems, it would just make all the teams play at the same time, as I understand your suggestion. So where now we might have 4 courts at 9:30 and 4 courts at 11:30, we would use only 2 courts per match, so 2 teams could play starting at 9:30 and lines would play as courts freed up to finally complete the full match some time after lunch. Although some lines would finish early, if the entire team wanted to stay, as you suggest for team support, then every player would be at the courts from 9am until approximately 1pm. I'm just not sure that would be popular with the majority of our players, but you are more than welcome to poll teams and see if they like the idea.

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