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Water on Court


The new rule for the break between the 2nd set and the 3rd set tie-breaker is three minutes. If the facility doesn't have water on court (which is against WTTA rules) does going to get water from inside the facility count toward the three minute break?
My match this week was at a facility with no water on court so when I left the court after the 2nd set to get water the opponents started a timer on me.
Also, since it is in the rules that the Home team must provide water ON COURT, what is the consequence if they don't?
What options does the visiting team have if water isn't on court by the start time? Seems like if it's a rule, just like having all players on court on time, that the match can be defaulted.


First, I'll address the water on court issue. Yes that is a rule. Please email me at scippele@aol.com and let me know which club/team did not provide water on the court and I will get with them. As you say, it is a requirement for our league. If the facility does not provide it, then players should bring enough water on court for their opponents. On the time allowed, if you must leave the court, for a bathroom break or in this case to get water, that time should not count. A bathroom break is allowed at any time. That being said, it is courteous to wait if at all possible until the end of the tiebreak. If you were out of water and none was available on court, then definitely you are allowed to go get water and return to the court, without that time counting against the 3 minutes allowed.

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