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Who does the scheduling for the flights? Curious as to how some teams have 2-3 home matches and other teams have 7-8 in the same flights....


Our website designer does the initial schedule by computer. This schedule typically has even home/away matches for all teams. (Or when flights have an odd number of matches, basically even). Obviously the number of home matches per team depends, in this initial schedule, on total number of matches for each flight. Flights can have anywhere from 9 to 11 total matches. Thus initially teams may have anywhere from 4 to 6 home matches. At that point, I(Susan Cippele) must make adjustments to the schedules to deal with court issues and conflicts. This season, there were far more of those than normal. SATC is going through court resurfacing, so we were not certain that any courts would be available to us for matches early in the season. Lakeway on Thursdays, with 7 total teams, had several dates when adequate courts were not available. Austin Country Club hosts a major golf tournament in March that results in courts being unavailable for basically two weeks. And then there are the additional times when facilities are hosting tournaments or other events on normal WTTA days of play. All of these issues have to be dealt with by moving matches away from those clubs where the normal courts are not available. That, of course, results in teams from those facilities having fewer home matches and the teams where matches are moved have more. I do attempt to get home matches back to those teams that lose them due to court issues. But this season, in particular, due to the larger than normal number of conflicts, that was not always possible. In, I believe, every case where a team has less than the normal number of home matches the reason is some sort of court issue at their home courts. And the reason that some teams have a larger than normal number of home matches is that they had courts available when a match needed to be moved.

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