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Teams split in North and South


There are 78 teams on the South rosters and 85 teams on the North rosters as of today's date. At least 4 clubs have teams in both South and North. Caswell (AWTA) is South in 3 flights and North in 1 flight (in fact, AWTA only has that ONE North team). Can there be more evenly placed teams so that North and South have equal amounts of teams so all flights can play similar numbers of matches? In most flights, the North rosters have 1 more match than the South rosters. This means the South plays less matches but pays the same fee as the North. If there can't be more even rosters, can the South fee be reduced due to less match play? Thanks for your time and consideration.


The rosters as listed at this point are in no way correct. We used to try to "block" people from seeing the rosters as we work on them between seasons, but it's difficult to do. Just know that at this point all clubs are still working on new teams, whether teams are returning, etc. As a result, I have made no effort to balance out the North/South teams in different flights because we don't know what teams will be there. Once we have the placement meeting on August 20, all teams will be moved into the appropriate flight and North/South sections. The North and South sections of each flight will be balanced as evenly as possible working with the total number of teams. And the WTTA fee is per team not per match. I really think it is very reasonable, regardless of whether teams have 9 matches or 11. It's less than $1 per match either way.

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