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Championship Day Chanage


Another comment regarding the day of play change:
The following is from the minutes in new business from the August board meeting in regards to moving a flight to another day of play:
"The Admin Committee will schedule a meeting for some time in September to discuss and come up with recommendations which will be discussed by the Board in our October
meeting". Nowhere in the minutes of that meeting is there any wording that a day of play move would be DECIDED at the October meeting, only that it would be DISCUSSED. Since a decision was made at the meeting, the board has blindsided the roster players of the Championship flight. There are 160 roster players on Championship flights versus 60-80 roster players on the Super Championship flight. I feel making a change for such a huge population of roster players should have, at the very least, been voted on by the members of the flights being considered for movement to another day. I also feel consideration should have been made to move the flight with the least number of players so as to not disrupt so many players! I hope you are ready to have a larger Super Championship flight and prepare to have this flight split North/South like all other flights since Friday's are likely to be a problem for some of the 160 Championship roster players. New teams will form, especially since Super Championship flight only requires SIX roster players and unlimited substitute players allowed.
I guess my question is: why was the decision done at the October meeting and not discussed or voted on by the parties involved?


I felt that I had discussed the timeline and rationale for this change in the letter sent through the club reps to the teams. I have posted that letter so anyone who has not seen it can review it. It can be found under the Forms tab on the website. The August minutes were exactly correct. The Admin Committee scheduled an extra meeting in September to discuss the possibility of a day change for one or more of our Thursday flights. In preparing for that meeting I discovered that CATA was planning to move one of their USTA divisions, probably 4.0, from Friday to Wednesday. This accelerated our discussion of possible day changes. The Admin Committee made their recommendation to the Board in October. The Board voted unanimously to make the change of Championship from Thursday to Friday. The Board felt that making the decision now, in conjunction with the USTA day change, would result in less disruption to teams then having USTA change this Spring and then WTTA changing next year. Our league is run by a Board composed of a representative from each club. That Board is tasked with making decisions they feel are a benefit for the LEAGUE AS A WHOLE. In this case, the Board felt that this change would be a huge benefit for the league as a whole. Moving Championship solves several issues. It helps with the court crowding on Thursday and also helps with having qualified subs available for our top flights. More detail on all of this is in the letter previously sent and now posted on the site. The Board is better able to look at the "big picture" and make decisions for the league as a whole. Individual teams and captains tend to, understandably, only look at how a change affects their particular team. We do understand that this affects teams and wanted to get notice out as soon as possible so teams can plan ahead. I hope that as this shakes out teams will see the benefits. Championship players will now have the opportunity to sub for Super Champ teams. They will have access to stronger subs for their team from Flight 1 rosters. And by moving to a less crowded day will hopefully have less 11:30 match times. Moving Super Champ would only have resolved the sub issue for that flight, and would not have had as significant an impact on the current Thursday court crowding. If you still have questions please contact your club rep for more information. You can also reach me via email at scippele@aol.com.

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