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Day Change


Since the Championship flight will be moving to Fridays starting in the spring, there will be 12 teams each season that will have to change days of play. If Super Champs were moved to Fridays instead then only 4 teams would have to change days of play each season. I assume the board took this into consideration when they made the change? Someone brought this to my attention recently and have heard that some teams won’t make because of the day change.


We did look at all of the options, and we were definitely aware that a day change can be a major issue for some of our teams and players. And there was discussion of all of our options in making a change for one or more of our Thursday flights. The Board determined that changing the Championship flight would be the most beneficial for a couple of reasons. First, we needed to move enough teams to make it worthwhile in terms of reducing our crowding on Thursday. Moving the Championship flight gets us much more even in terms of how many teams we have playing on each day. And secondly, all of our top flights have routinely complained about the difficulty in getting qualified subs. Moving the Championship flight helps all of our top flights by making available subs that are on rosters one flight below them. For those reasons, it was determined that the best option was moving the Championship flights.

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