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Topic #48


Posted By: Barbara McGary
Team: All That Jazz
Date: 07-01-11 02:07 AM
It would be great if teams didn't have to sandbag. However, it is a very common thing.

A way to prevent this is to change the point system. Each match..a team can win the max of 10 points.

If you win line 1...the team earns 4 points.
If you win line 2...the team earns 3 points.
If you win line 3..the team wins 2 points. If you win line 4..the team wins 1 point.

This system would discourage sandbagging.

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Posted By: Amber Janak
Team: Hotshots
Club: Steiner Ranch
Flight: 9B
Date: 06-08-07 10:06 AM
I agree. Thankfully our team was very even across all lines. But I see your point -- If there could be a system inplace where points were distributed in a weighted fashion based on the lines - that might encourage less shifting. AS it is now, points seem to matter more than quality, fun tennis, right?
Who knows what will help the situation, but hopefully the board can figure out a good solution.

Let's just keep having fun playing!

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Posted By: Tonya Emberton
Team: Baseline Babes
Club: GWTC
Flight: 9B
Date: 04-19-07 10:04 AM
As a newly formed team we have noticed at times opponents will place strongest players on line 4 while weaker players play line 1. Can this be addressed during fall captain's meeting?

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